7. Donate to Wonderbag Non-Profit Foundation

7. Donate to Wonderbag Non-Profit Foundation

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The difference you can make is life changing

By donating a Wonderbag, you can make an incredible impact on the lifestyle of a family in need. Once desperate and deprived of resources, these families now need less fuel and water to prepare meals for their families. The health of their families improves as smoke inhalation is decreased and threats of burns from cooking fires are minimized. And by freeing up time spent cooking, the Wonderbag gives back time for family, community and even income earning potential, transforming lives of women around the globe.

You can donate by either:
  • Donating a Wonderbag to a family in need.  We will donate the Wonderbag and educate the recipient on using their Wonderbag to help empower them to save energy.
  • Donate to our Wonderbag Non-Profit Foundation who uses these donations to introduce Wonderbags into communities across Africa one village, one community at a time.  www.wonderbagfoundation.co.za
  • Donate to our Wonderbag Schools Program which uses these donations to provide Wonderbags to schools to enhance their schools nutrition program and engage students in project-based activities using the Wonderbag. Lessons utilize STEM and social science principles to connect students personally to global issues such as deforestation, climate change, access to water and food, and gender issues, using real data from both laboratory and field studies of the Wonderbag.

You are creating real change for real people. On behalf of the grandmother, the single mother and the children these families so selflessly raise, we thank you for being a part of this change. Welcome to the Wonderbag family.